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Handwerks Studio
Csaba Nagy
2330 Dunaharaszti
Klapka u. 40
tel.: +36 20 915 6262
fax: +36 24 461 636

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Graphics and aquarelle

Ornamentation performed I took from round surface of the egg-shell to plain surface, in form of marquetry, plate paintings, invitations. Applying of techniques of drawing and marquetry on wall and plate paintings, I draw the ornaments in white Indian ink onto coloured carton and

I deal with painting from my childhood, when as to paint I ripped a piece of linen of the reserve roll of linen of the family. I learn the technique without any help, myself, in my own series of trials. I was intended to express my feelings in pictures by an internal compulsion and pleasure of creation. Initially, I made pictures in distemper and oil, then mainly, pictures in straw marquetry. Some years ago I tried to find new trend, which I have found in aquarelle painting. I guided groups of foreign artists in Hungary, when at several sites I had the possibility to practise aquarelle painting. I prefer to depict real topics of life.

Graphics and aquarelle

Graphics and aquarelle Gallery