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Handwerks Studio
Csaba Nagy
2330 Dunaharaszti
Klapka u. 40
tel.: +36 20 915 6262
fax: +36 24 461 636

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Ornamentation of egg-shells


I deal with artistic finishing of egg-shells from 1978, initially, as pastime activity, then as a professional artist. In the course of the years I elaborated a unique technique in the field of egg-shell finishing, which consists in a special procedure of engraving the shell, applying straw inlays and using burnt straw for the appliqués, which resulted in a new variety of traditional egg-shell finishing. Ornamental drawings are individual; I make them exclusively by hand
In the course of years, with great success I participated and participate also recently in fairs and exhibitions from Germany up to Canada, in many countries.


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